Working time

Mon – Fri:  8 – 11 | 12 – 16

IČ: 48906697, DIČ: CZ48906697

File number: C 11063
at the Regional Court in Brno

Company headquarters

VAKADING spol. s r. o., Veselá 208
763 15 Slušovice

Address of technical office

VAKADING spol. s r. o.
tř. T. Bati 87
760 01 Zlín
Czech republic
(entrance to the building
is from Bratří Jaroňků Street)



Basic requirements:

If you are interested in sending an inquiry, please inform us of the following basic minimum specification:

  • Temperatures at the inlet of both fluids
  • Flow rate of both fluids
  • Pressure of both fluids
  • Types of fluids, and/or their composition or concentration
  • Allowable pressure losses
  • What parameters the customer requires to be adhered to (output, inlet temperatures of both heat-transfer fluids, pressure loss, etc.)

Quality design:

The following specification is required to develop a quality offer:

Údaje k návrhu výměníků HRE.pdf

Please send your inquires by email to:

Don't you know the exact parameters? Call us.

Telefon +420 577 213 792

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