About us

It was 1947 when a young engineer, Otakar Kautský, joined the Litvínov Chemical Works to work in the position of technologist. This post-war period required problems to be addressed innovatively. The result was as many as thirty patents covering chemical production. For example, he was involved in innovative changes in the design of chemical reactors.

He also passed this attitude on to his son, Ing. Vladimír Kautský, who began his career in the design department of the Litvínov Chemical Works, of which he was later put in charge.

The year 1993 was a turning point: Ing. V. Kautský decided to establish a company offering complex services starting from the design, through production up to installation of equipment. He put to good use his experience from chemical operations and made good the acquired know-how in the very first job orders. He holds the post of technologist in the company. Over the years he has enlarged the team of designers / project managers from one designer up to three employees, aided by a workforce made up of students.

A project managed by one person, who works out the design part, followed by the manufacturing and supplier part as well, has proven rewarding for us. This method has paid off, we have been present on the market for over twenty years and our effort to satisfy customers has prospered.

In order to use the available modern technologies, we have bought 3D programs and a program simulating flow and heat transfer.