Our company deals with the conceptual design of the system, thermal and strength calculation of the heat exchanger.

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Design and manufacture of apparatus / systems:

  • condensating exchangers – into operations which allows maximum use of waste heat without leftovers (VAKAHEMCE, VAKAVLAS)
  • noncondensating exchangers – into operations which requires partial usage of waste heat (VAKAHEMCE, VAKAVLAS)
  • recuperators - heat exchange between air masses with low temperature differences
  • VOC disposal from waste air – separation of volatile organic compounds and their burning up aftermath
  • ORC systems - recovering of heat from low potential heat sources
  • freeze drying systems – drying out of gases by freeze


  • balance calculation – process of identifying optimal device parameters to achieve goals required by customer (for ex. maximal usage of waste heat or use of available resources to reach desirable medium temperature)
  • strength analysis of constructions –verifying of construction design suitability for specified load along with all necessary and required reserves
  • flow analysis – computer flow simulation of fluids/gases in specific environment to determine pressure loss for optimization of design and lowering of pressure loss, or improving flow distribution