VAKAHEMCE heat exchangers

The VAKAHEMCE type heat exchanger is made up a bundle of tubes made of smooth coiled tubes, cylindrical shell and inlet and outlet nozzles for fluids. The heat exchanger design can be in a vertical position only. This type of exchanger is very effective, but has its limitations as regards cleanliness of operating fluids. It is used for example as a condensing heat exchanger.

In specific systems VAKAHEMCE construction design can achieve extremely compact design with diameter approx. of 500 mm and height approx. of 700 mm. In production facilities, where it is required to utilize large amount of waste heat to heat up two different mediums (in exm. thermo oil and heating water), are dimensions of design variant DUOHEMCE usually around 1500 mm of diameter and 2500 mm of hieght.

  • VAKAHEMCE heat exchangers
  • VAKAHEMCE heat exchangers

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